Interview: C506: joining forces to communicate about collectibles in LATAM

Today we have an interview with Johann Morales from C506 LATAM who will tell us about the alliance that this magazine has had with the NECA brand, Mondo, Mezco, Sideshow, McFarlane and how this week they released a sneak peak that became trending on networks, Gecko Mondo from NECA, which had also happened with McFarlane Toys a couple of months ago with the Kickstarter release of the gentleman Mcfarlane and anticipated games like FF7Remake and FF8HD.

Johann, the writer, director of C506, project leader and communications manager for some talents from DC Comics, Image and tester for toy and video game production companies such as Rockstar, Sony, Blizzard, Activision, Nintendo, EA and Squaresoft among others.
He is also the author of the novels “What Bleeds (2011)” and “Tales of Edelmira (2015)”.

But today we want to touch in particular a positive fact for everyone in America, to talk about how C506 creates and sustains working relationships from now up to 80 months and that it offers pieces for review, news, dates and even gifts for the followers of the brands, right this anniversary month many toys will be raffled off.

Papernest : Johann, hello and tell us a little about the current good ones. Let’s talk about Johann.

Johann Morales : Happy to be here and the opportunity, I feel like a great recognized talent on this beautiful website.
This is news related to the support of Geek Culture in our world, and how much they have helped us for so long.

Even with opportunities to become trending thanks to the opportunity to show figures that nobody knows, during events like this first Comic Con online, where we gave the details of Krang TMNT and Mondo Gecko for NECA that moved with millions of visits, speaking a little about myself, I’m doing extra work in C506 and live, I have found pleasure in chatting with people and opening boxes, 10 years ago I started working on the Geek trend in the USA and Europe to represent it in LATAM and with Latinos In the USA, who for reasons of recent entry to a new language or simple preferences, have not become familiar with the native language of where they live, we are daily translators of notes and experiences.

Also for those who simply cannot, we go to events annually, 2020 became chaos with covid 19 and we are working hard to bring all events online to the screen of the cell phone or computer equipment.

It is not easy to travel to events for everyone, even for us, even with an invitation, the costs are astronomical.

I really enjoy the best animated batman movies , urban legends like: what is momo , reading about the children of superman and anime, especially weird things like the Chinese anime Kuiyu Chouyuan : – So I’m also a collector and fan of comics.

I am on rest for a surgery a couple of days ago, but everything is very in order and happy, a beautiful 2020 is coming, additionally we have agreed to work together with Lootcrate and we already have samples of Mondo Tees, Rick and Morty and Heman.

Thanks to NECA, McFarlane Toys and many other brands C506 has become a partner of toy and collectibles collectors and in general, on our website you can see from the departure times and dates of parts until their respective revision.

All our colleagues have given us an enormous opportunity to take not only notes, but also all the review lines and informative pitch.

Papernest: Can you tell us what the McFarlane Toys, Neca, Mondo, Wizkids lines are and how does C506 help representing the brand?

Johann Morales : I have always been the one in direct contact with our sponsors, I am also the webmaster and CM of the web. In this I have a decade, and my direct experience tells me that about 14,000 Geek fans have entered the web, our social networks and from there they have proceeded to buy directly from Sponsors stores such as Neca and Sideshow.

Our help and where we are important, is to bring everything that happens to those who want it, and make clear the work of the companies, which is interested in the Latino community.

Regarding the lines, all the companies are pioneers in modern and vintage production, I think we all remember or had a McFarlane Toys as young people or boys, in the 90 we could go to stores for our horror NECAs, miniatures to play DND, dioramas for 1:12 scale and even board games and painting.

At this moment we are with the Mortal Kombat line, Spawn, the DC Multiverse collection (Vehicles and BAF) that has been a surprise since the ToyFair 2019 at Mcfarlane, TMNT and the Comic Con information for NECA, the future of terror, Alien, Predator. Lots of wizkids board games, miniature painting, heroclix and vehicles for DND. We have all this and more on our website:

– -toys /

We will also have My Hero Academia, Call of Duty, Star Wars, Marvel, LPs and closing the anniversary with Iron Man Hot Toys.
Taking the opportunity to comment that we will send many of these pieces to the followers who enter our networks through Papernest, for their followers.

Papernest : We know you’ve worked with people like John Timms, Doug Wagner, Jim Steranko, and other DC Comics artists in the past. How are you involved with their work today, is it related to the promotion of action figures and collectibles in LATAM?

Johann Morales : My work with John and Doug in the past has been as CM, supporting certain resources, projects and agenda. They are my friends and I always put what I know to do for my friends.

Steranko is a good mentor, same with my Geek teachers: Charles Soule from Marvel and JC Jones from DC, with Steranko so his manager is my best friend.

That is why I have been so close promoting their work in LATAM, but it is not that it is only with these people, I have been involved in this work for a decade and I love it, and I meet very good people, and few bad people.

In fact, thanks to my colleague I met Todd and John Dolmayan who helped me with a donation when I started my community and I will always remember him. Las Vegas, it does so long.

But really the process for representation and Reviews is a path that I did from scratch, attending toy fairs and metrics in hand. Always hand in hand with all my colleagues from C506.

With Todd, of course it was gratifying, talking to us on the phone and reminding us, but there is no direct relationship with previous CM works, although I was collaborating on a DC statue and with 2 of their artists, they have supported me. But this comes from ToyFair, it has been a job that I consider great.

They have tested us a lot. There are also some projects in progress that we are going to report soon, BUT THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL and although 2020 has treated us all hard, we remain positive and giving everything.

Papernest : Tell us about what’s coming and what’s got C506? What do you propose there in 2021? With so many media streaming millions of notes and videos, how do you think you will make a difference?

Johann Morales: I am very grateful for the question. It is gratifying to know that many people want and yearn for their own means of communication and to inform the public in our community, C506 although it is created in Central America was never focused on only one area.

There was already a great Central American coverage. However, in countries such as: USA, Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Argentina, we are represented by 75% of our readers, these readers did not have a clear idea of ​​where to see the immediate notes translated for free.
They did not know if they should read from portals in their country of origin or risk translating the notes from their area. This referring to states or cities, C506 is encouraged to fully cover the USA, UK, Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico and LATAM. We have editors and producers in North America, more than 7 people in Mexico, from Jalisco to, Tampico and DF. Then we go down to Chile, we go back to Peru and we jump in Argentina, and we want to expand daily.

Following as always the most important thing for us, to provide news that we deserve and within the Grand Slam starting at ECCC and ending for us at NYCC. The tragedy that it represents in COVID 19 has left us without events, ECCC, E3, Wizkids Graceland Expo have been canceled and being serious, I do not expect to return to the USA soon, our next event would be New York Comic Con and then Toy Fair NYC, but it is very doubtful that it happens and less with the convention center where these events are held, now being a hospital. But we continue with everything, working from home, staying there, being sheltered and protecting those we love. We all need to do it right now to get to a 2021 full of events and new friends.

However, these are times of reflection and help, where we, Papernest, C506 and colleagues must work hard for those who read us, they expect a lot from us, visits are overflowing and everyone needs to get this tragedy out of their minds. We are focused on living long and accomplishing everything that we have not been able to do in 2020 and twice.

We never saw a business in C506, It was almost 80 months before we saw money to buy our own equipment or receive our first sponsorships of computer or video equipment, C506 is human and that is why we are stable. A group of stable humans who fill an empty space, but the fact that there are others is a blessing, we must help each other, not throw a door at each other, I know what it is to do something from scratch, not just a community . I woke up twice from cancer and I am a paraplegic, 5 days ago I had a gastric bypass, and little discourages me not to continue giving it. We cannot stop.

Papernest : As a journalist, what trend can be seen between the rise of toy brands related to C506 or the Geek Culture websites in general? Do you support where it is going?

Johann Morales: I have been a writer all my life and also a player, I am a reader rather than an analyst, but it is clear that the trend helps us and this in general.

Media and representation companies should focus on having sponsorship groups and related copy, for example: when presenting the new Ninja Turtles collection, the app or web system should remind the reader that McFarlane Toys has a new piece of Spawn 1990, we talk about the fact that probably the same person interested in a Ninja Turtle will go looking for the Spawn, this can also serve as advice to those who start in the race, focus on similar objectives, connect points that lead in the same direction.

During 2019, C506 stood out for being a fluid visitor bridge for role-playing games, painting and board games.

This is because we handle notes and reviews from Wizkids, Magic, DND AND PTP. This put us head-on into dioramas and art, painting minis, modeling and we even did our projects, and we have a team of 5 Costa Rican painters who are proud.

I am strongly supporting where we are going as a culture and look forward to COVID-19 being just a memory, to hug my colleagues and friends. To return to work from the USA and meet with those who need me.

Papernest : Do you think there is much more potential in terms of the social aspect of collectibles?

Johann Morale s: Yes, I think so. We’ve accomplished a lot through esports, now is the time to bring out collectibles. Part of social growth is to push the true side a little more, this to be in the focus of third-party brands, sponsors and the general population, collecting is a positive way of living and we have to spread the word even more, we all have collections , of clothes, shoes or figures in real scale or 1/6, 1/12. From Anime to Manga.

It is also important to highlight skill over popularity, highlighting here many Latinos who kick butt and should not fear anything from any high-end company, people like Jhonny Kinmen, Juan de los Diegos, Mini Metropolis, Chamba, Kirkman, Garcia Lopez and thousands to mention.

All of them are people who get up to make art and go to bed working, friends before producers, each one would really occupy their own space in my life and that of C506, and they all have new projects and they excite us and we will be reporting everything.

Papernest: Speaking of new people who want to enter our field, what is an effective approach to prepare, rewrite and edit copy for toy store articles, should it be improved readability or focus on images and multimedia? Have you supervised others to do this?

Johann Morales : That is part of what I do on a daily basis for my clients and sponsors, and yes, I especially use my management background for this.
The copy must be understandable and directly related to what is happening. In our heads we have the old collector and the new ones, people fail to just check colors and flexibility, I learned that the hard way. I have to remember that the product I have must be sold, as my contract is not sold it will not be resumed, I will be terminated, but above all I cannot lie.

The secret is to convey the positive points that fortunately all the companies we work with are many, but when we have to take something bad, put ourselves in the shoes of all buyers. Is this enough not to buy it? I believe in being human, relaxed and not too harsh. Fortunately I have come across supportive sponsors if I have any suggestions and Mcfarlane Toys is not going to be any different.

Papernest: What is the most challenging part of getting international sponsors, especially when it comes to reviews and 20-30 piece content?

Johann Morales : Have the best written content published as soon as possible, direct to social networks, work hard on collaborative links. Forums and above all make sure to report that we are making a change, that we are coming and if we are not doing it, see the reasons.

In theory, to get a heavy sponsorship minimums are needed and that is our cover letter, also to have the spirits up. Nothing is lost by asking for help or starting with our own toys. Then we will grow and with numbers, we will negotiate. No one can say that good work, with patience, does not pay off. But it is not easy.

Papernest : It sounds pretty positive, but have you ever received negative comments about his work? What was or is your answer?

Johann Morales : This question gives me a bit of a laugh, really.

I think I have 10 haters for every 10,000 visits on the web and I have dedicated haters who have set up entire webs and who came to live only to speak negatively about something they have no idea about and that would win them hatred to get to commit crimes. I think it is a punishment that if something goes well for us some people will not digest that there is success or at least happiness, remember that existence is subjective. But I have many good elements by my side, there is no time for hate.

Of course, I would be too worried if nobody criticized my work, I must say that sadly I have had to report people for brand theft, identity theft and threats to my family for having to continue doing the right thing. However I have received many comments from people like Chris Claremont, Jason Fabok, Jim Lee and friends from the communities, I tried to correct what I think I was doing wrong. One must see who the comment comes from to value it.

But never think about that external hatred, if we have a million readers entering in 1 week and 2 hateful comments, or a hater in a live one, remember that those million are good people who enter the job out of confidence.

Also tell them that I recommend receiving feedback from professionals, friends, important people in our life or experienced, because they will tell us the truth. I think that as a representative surrounding yourself with colleagues and collaborations is a must.

We live full of people who believe they are experts in everything and who resent the success of others, they have probably never gone beyond a waiting room in their projects, and yet they seek to sell falsehood. I wonder why everyone now knows things that they have not experienced in their flesh, they presume simple things and do not understand the power of humility or ignore that they are probably not what they think.

For example, imagine my person coming to give an opinion on how a successful movie should be directed, I don’t know about its system, I respect it and I know that cinema is hard. The only thing I can do is learn and be better with feedback.

This is what I am doing with each of my sponsors, studying and giving my best.

I want to close by inviting you to visit C506 where you will see categories for all our sponsors, from Zenescope to Wizkids, we appreciate your support and that of Papernest for this opportunity to tell our little story, we hope to see a lot of communication.

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